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At ‘Craigslist Posting Service’ we have a professional team of “online marketing” dedicated to developing our clients’ properties & producing new leads. Our “Digital Marketing” efforts, extensive organization experience & trustworthy reputation contribute to our success with the greater “Commercial Real Estate” or “Rental Property” market.

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Today`s, online is becoming most popular for business or services (local or global & online or practical that`s not matter for online promotion). Cause online helps you for cost less marketing but effectively rather than past years. However, you will find huge sites for advertising your services free, not only locally but it helps to you to across you marketing over the whole world if you want. Like a site is “Craigslist”.

At first of the online world, classified advertising sites will used for only virtual services or e- products.

But now, classified advertising sites like” Craigslist” is using to marketing for all of anything like services(virtual or real), products, consultation, small business or branding or web traffic driving etc (local or global). & if anyone follows the correct way for advertising, so they will success shortly at online.

Here`s, we will discuss about “Craigslist ‘Housing’” section advertising proper strategy to generate leads & then convert to sales?

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Here`s, we will discuss about “Craigslist ‘Housing’” section advertising proper strategy to generate leads & then convert to sales?

If you are someone, who provide services such Apt./housing, Vacation Rentals, Official/Commercial, Housing wanted or Real Estate For Sale, Housing Wanted, Rooms/Shared, Sublet/temporary etc so, this article for you!! Here, you will know that how you will be more benefited from “Craigslist Posting” for your services or how can you get more clients from “Craigslist Posting”. Let’s take a read at somewhat value of the potential everything to using ‘Craigslist” for your “SERVICES” advertising/digital marketing at online.


Its may be the most significant thing to include in your ‘For Rent’ ad. Generally, when prospective tenants search “Craigslist.org” for apartments/housing, they will restrict their search volume to show only properties that have pictures. If you do not attached images with your ads, you are greatly restricted a number of perhaps clients who will view your ads of property. So this point is most important & but not only static image, it needs most attractive images.


You will be competing with thousands of other ads in your location. Your title/headline of ads should be attractive & relevant with your topics. Your title will add the price of your apt/housing rental and the number of bedrooms & spaces. Others than that you have a headline wiggle room to be creative.


Craigslist is suitable platform for producing clients for your rental property. Cause, I think don`t require to say again about its traffic or ranking. So this site is great place for your rental property. Even 2 decades after it`s viewing, CL/Craigslist`s numbers are more stronger than ever. “Craigslist” recently over around Sixty Million users totally that you know already!! When you posting your rental property besides other ads based in your place/ local area will assist to you appears in front of some of the clients/traffic who are inquiring specifically for your location. And with any lucky chance, you’ll be on your way to getting a size-able clients or portion of those fifty billion per-month page sees! Otherwise, if you not specified your location, so you will be restricted to some clients. So, it’s a point.


Immediately, if you were to spend only 15 minutes searching over local ad postings on “Craigslist”, you would generally get a large number of listings that rattle off a bunch of characteristics & benefits of a specific home or real estate property, with potential a link to a website or property inquire tool.

Anyway, the trouble with this reach is that 95% of the advertiser is doing the same exact thing or method!! Unless that prospect is complete to buy / sell on the place, your ads could instantly be glimpsed over with no action being taken. The difference with using “Craigslist Real Estate” marketing ways is that you must focus on lead catch instead of common & simply advertising method your goods & services to a large marketplace.

Although already, numerous changes to its conditions of use, despite a huge number of owner/agents have been able to gradually/consistently produce real estate leads on “Craigslist” by using the following method for ‘Formatting’ & ‘Posting ads’. To reveal this method in its completely, we will examine most effective post ‘formatting’, how to abide by “Craigslist’s” conditions of use, advert content, and posting frequency etc.

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